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News About Lucy Biotech

Through science, we discover, advance, and translate knowledge into technology.

DNA Chips

New Startup Changing The Game

November, 2022 - March, 2023

  • Lucy Biotech Limited is registered in Hong Kong SAR

  • Dr. Leo Lin is appointed as the Chief Scientific Officer

  • Melodie Lu is appointed as the Chief Executive Officer

  • Dr. Caigan Du joins the Scientific Advisory Board

  • Lucy Biotech and iProgen Biotech enters research collaboration and technology transfer

Incubation starts: Doing it the Lucy Biotech Way

March, 2023 - September, 2023

  • Lucy Biotech has been admitted into the IncuBio Program at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park

  • Nigel McNabb joins Lucy Biotech as the VP of Corporate Development

  • R&D leadership relocates to Hong Kong to start the operation

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