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Fish Swimming


Arctic species evolved, adapted, and thrived.

The Inspiration

The Problem

The unbearable reality is that not everyone can wait until a donor is available. The WHO estimated approximately 9 millions lives are lost due to heart failure globally in 2019 and only 3.5% of patients will successfully receive organ transplantation in time.

Frozen Bubble

Freezing Kills

When cells, tissues, or organs undergo freezing and subsequent thawing, they often sustain harm or parish due to ice formation

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Short Shelf-life

Patients cannot receive high quality organs in time, leading to high rejection rates, and a shortage of organs


Lacking advancement

The cryobiology field needs recognition and support to achieve significant breakthroughs translatable in modern medicine.

The Solution

Lucy Biotech's technological emphasis lies in designing and producing modified antifreeze proteins intended to protect cells, tissues, and organs during prolonged freeze-thaw preservation.  


Reduced Damage

Shielding the cell from structural damage from freeze-thaw cycles


Protein Engineering

The modified proteins cross the membrane barrier efficiently


Enhanced Preservation

Low temperatures slows the metabolism and prolong the storage of organs

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